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Rich DeSisto & Paul Kelly

AIRCHECK episodes will include guests from the Radio industry including, but not limited to, Air Personalities, Program Directors, General Managers, and Owners. In addition to the shared stories, AIRCHECK will incorporate the rewound audio from those special story moments. Both Rich De Sisto and Paul Kelly, currently on the air in Philadelphia, have concentrated their radio careers in the northeast corridor of the country. Radio stops for Rich include WAXQ/New York, WYSP/Philadelphia, WPST/Trenton, WMGM/Atlantic City, WAMX/Huntington, and WZXL/Atlantic City. Paul’s on air time includes WEZX/Scranton, WPDH/Poughkeepsie, and WZXL/Atlantic City where he and Rich met in the late 80s. Paul also operates Philadelphia-based Kelly Music Research. AIRCHECK is accepting guests for future sessions/seasons. If there’s a story to be told….and hopefully audio to complement it, from College Radio to AM/FM, Satellite, AIRCHECK will give it a listen. For more information, email:

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